laptopAbout the technology used

This Green-History website uses the Joomla3 content management system to provide the basic framework. 

The following extensions to the core Joomla facilities are used on the public view of the site:

  • PhocaDownload with xbPD-ext - the Document Archive file system
  • xbRefMan - provides footnotes and references on articles
  • sigplus - provides image galleries

In addition there are many custom modifications to the core system added by RogerCO to provide specific facilities - if you would like details of these contact Roger direct.

Please note that it is Joomla 3 which is being used as the underlying framework. There are no immediate plans to migrate this site to the new Joomla 4. A lot of extra work would be required to migrate all of the extensions and customisations for no significant benefit for a non-commercial low traffic website.

Also note that although the template used is a modern "responsive" one there has been, and will be, no attempt to optimise pages for display on small screen (mobile) devices. The density of content and navigation simply does not lend it to small screen viewing. We recommend use of a screen at least 1400 pixels and 10" wide for optimum viewing.

All code on the site is open source available under the GPL v3 licence (essentially you can copy and adapt it for non-commercial use so long as you retain the original copyright information in addition to adding your own for your modifications). If you can't find the code on github or from the links above and you would like details please contact Roger.

All content on the site is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike - Non Commercial (v4.0) licence. Again essentially you can reuse the content for non-commercial purposes so long as you attribute us as your source and share it on the same basis. 

Please visit the Credits page for details of any subsidiary copyright or attributions required.