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Pamphlet : A multi page document covering one particular subject or topic. Similar to an article in a publication but distributed on its own.

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Title Year Category Tags Icon
An Introduction to the Ecology Party pamphlet 1977 Ecology Party Pamphlet DT 1977
Ecology Party Basic Income Pamphlet '79 1979 EP Leaflets Pamphlet SH 1979
Embrace the Earth pamphlet from GreenCND 1983 Green CND Pamphlet Peace DT 1983
Oxford PERG Annual Report 3 1981 1981 Oxford PERG Pamphlet 1981
Politics for a New Age Paper by MB 1975 2017 Political Parties Pamphlet DT
Proposal for a New Political Alliance 1978 1978 Political Parties Pamphlet Circular DT 1978