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Green CND :
Green CND flourished between about 1982 to 1988 and represented a resurgence of the somewhat moribund rump of the 1960's CDN which had struggled on through the 1970s. Clear links were made between nuclear power and environmental damage and nuclear weapons. A strong activist base emerged from the various Peace Camps associated with the proposed deployment of US Cruise missiles in the UK in the mid '80s. Molesworth camp in particular gave rise to the Peace/Hippie convoy which was violently dispersed by the police near Stonehenge. From this training arose the anti (new) roads movement which battled at Twyford Down (M3), Newbury (A34) and elsewhere. See also the Green Gathering movement which developed more or less in parallel. Molesworth Camp hosted the 1984 "Green Gathering"

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Embrace the Earth pamphlet from GreenCND 1983 Pamphlet Peace DT 1983
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Letter DT to Chris re Star March reception 18 Jun 1983 1983 Letter Peace Greenham DT 1983
New Radiator Green CND interview DT 1982 Offprint DT 1982