The draft constitution of the Green Collective as created in 1983 and published in the first Mailing March 1984. Known by some as 'The Daft Constitution' it remained in force for the lifetime of the Collective. 



  1. ‘Green' is a colour between yellow and blue in the spectrum.
  2. 'Collective' means we‘re all in it together.
  3. This Constitution is offered as the work of a poet.


  1. The aims of the Green Collective are: inter-related, articulated, and of a purposeful nature.
  2. The ultimate and the underlying aim is the realisation of vision.
  3. The immediate aim is to get through tomorrow ... and in such a way as to become wiser and stronger than today.
  4. The intermediate aims lie midway between these two, in a state of dynamic tension, and can therefore be given form.
  5. The achievement of aims is a creative reaction between consciousness and the otherwise random distribution of matter and energy: making the best of opportunities.


  1. The structure of the Green Collective is: Green, Collective, and diffuse.
  2. The formal structure consists of people sufficiently interested to pay out money to subscribe to the Collective, its ideas, energies, and mailings, and who may focus together on Collective meetings and projects (as agreed and noted down in the appropriate minutes and suchlike documents).
  3. The informal structure consists of people forming bonds of mutual interest, friendship, unified creative energy, and love.
  4. The Green Collective is only functioning when its structure is dynamic.
  5. The forming of structure is the creative application of consciousness to that which already has an acknowledged existence, but no function: the first step is giving it a name.


  1. The organisation of the Green Collective is: organic.
  2. The formal organisation consists of meetings of the full Collective, which may be regular or irregular as decided by those at the meetings themselves, and of Collective members at any other time, gathering for the purpose of planning or taking part in projects, or for the simple purpose of meeting to share each others' company.
  3. Functions within the Collective are carried out by whomsoever should be deemed appropriate, at the appropriate time, and for the appropriate length of time, as agreed by Collective members holding an interest.
  4. The real organisation is the members' collective responsibility to sort out any misunderstandings which may arise, concerning (inter alia) personal relationships, money, and individuals' commitment to the realisation of particular visions.
  5. Organisation is the creative application of consciousness to that which has some function, in the process of its integration with the rest of existence: growth.


  1. Members of the Green Collective have the right to delete, prune, alter, add to: or edit, any part or parts of their own copy of the Constitution, on payment of the subscription fee.

© Copyright The Green Collective, 1984.