Green Line 23 June 1984

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General: GreenLine

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Years: 1984

Year: 1984

Source: Scan from Tim Andrewes personal archive

Archived: January 2018


Cover: Graphic soviet style posers with sunflowers and caption “Green Socialism
Headlines: Anarchist Themes, Porritt on Eco, Tatchell Interview, Earth Mysteries, Mothering



  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3 “From Ecology to Economics” by Paul Ekins on the other economic summit (TOES)
  • p4-5 “Anarchy or Socialism” by Richard Hunt
  • p5 “Anarchy: the Christian connection” by Steve Smith
  • p6-7 “Green, Growing and Not for the Chop” by Jonathon Porritt
  • p8 “Madness of Ideologies a reflection” by Mark Kinzley
  • p9 “Earth Mysteries, a New Spirituality” by Patrick Vickers
  • p10-11 “The Meaning of Being A Mother Today” by Margli Matthews
  • p12-14 Peter Tatchell on Green Socialism
  • p15 “Remineralisation” by Harry Alderdale (response to Larry Ephron in GL20)
  • p16-17 Letters
  • 18-19 Network news
  • p20 Ads


5 A3 sheets printed double sided and folded to give 20 pages.