Green Line 05 Sept 1982

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General: GreenLine

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Years: 1982

Year: 1982

Source: Scan from Tim Andrewes personal archive

Archived: December 2017


Cover headline: ‘Peace Camps’ over graphic



p2 Editorial
p3-7 ‘Peace Camps’ by Bruce Garrard review of current activity with some photos.
p8 ‘Test Track? Nein Danke’ by Roland Clarke
p9 ‘International Peace Solidarity’ by Roger Winter. ‘Green CND AGM report.
p10 spread of photos from Green Gathering 1982
p11 Gathering report. Bath Environmental fair report. Young Greens.
p12 ‘Peace Movement in the USA’ by Chris Savory
p13 ‘Marginal Lands’ by Laurence Main
p14 ‘The Message is Getting Through…Just’ text of Prince Charles’s address to The Conservation Society. Eco member drive. ‘My Beautiful Dollars’ Poland and debt by Richard Hunt
p15 Reviews: ‘The Costs of Nuclear Power’ by Colin Sweet. ‘Pornography & Silence’ by Susan Griffin.
p16 ‘Green Declaration’ text from the Gathering. See editorial p2.


4 A3 sheets folded to give 16 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet blue. Printed greyscale with photos on most pages