Green Line 03 June 1982

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General: GreenLine

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Years: 1982

Year: 1982

Source: Scan from Tim Andrewes personal archive

Archived: December 2017


Cover headline: ‘If you want peace prepare for war peace’ below graphic.



p2 Editorial, small ads, Peace tipis, Student ecology Movement
p3 ‘Cabbages will not grow from Rape seed’ – the green cultivation of peace by Jenny Carpenter. ‘Doctors against the Bomb’ by Barbara Cowie
p4 ‘Dividing Lines’ by Richard Oldfield (response to D.Taylor in issue 1)
p5 ‘Messing about in Votes’ by Peter Cadogan
p6 ‘We must risk all’, report from US by Chris Savory
p7 ‘France: Back to Square One’ by Sara Parkin. ‘As others see us: the Russian View’ (reprint).
p8-9 ‘Theories of Unemployment part 2: the varied solutions’ by Tim Cooper
p10 ‘Is the Party Over?’ Five short pieces by John Morrissey, Robin Smith, David Taylor, John Valentine and Sally Willington
p11 ‘Fallicies of trade’ by Richard Hunt
p12 Reviews: Nuclear Barons by Michael Joseph, Disarmament by John Ferguson
p12-13 Letters. Grassroots: Roundup of EP branch activity
p14-15 Elections report and comment
p16 Green Gathering details


4 A3 sheets folded to give 16 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet pink. Printed black, no greyscale.