The primary resources available on this site are a document library and a gallery of images. Some videos are hosted in a Green-History channel on YouTube.

The images are culled from various sources and used in articles throughout the site. Often clicking on a small image will bring up a larger version, or right clicking and selecting view image will give the largest available version of the image.

Images are generally in jpg format and are limited to a maximum width of 600px to save disk space and improve page loading times - if you would like a larger or higher resolution version then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. providing the link to the image(s) and details of how you wish to use them.

In some locations you will find an image gallery in the right hand column - clicking on the thumbnail will allow you to move through the gallery by clicking on the arrow that appears when you move the mouse over the left or right hand side of the image that pops up.

The documents are generally in PDF format. Many have been scanned from paper originals of varying quality. The original scans are usually at 300dpi, but the versions for download are usually reduced 150dpi to save disk space and download times. Again if you require access to a high resoultion version please contact us.

Scanned documents containing text have been run through Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) using the highest resolution originals, but the poor print quality of many paper copies make the embedded text of widely varying accuracy. Do visually check anything you copy against the original before quoting it!

The document library is organised into categories based on the organisation that produced the original. Additionally documents are tagged with the type of document (eg flyer, newsletter, leaflet etc) and with cross-references to organisations and content (eg all documents relating to Movement for Survival will be tagged MfS even if not produced by MfS). The tagging of documents is, of course, incomplete and a mammoth continuing task. 

Within the document library, and on many other pages you will find a section in the right hand column giving the tree of document categories - click on a category to get the index for it. You can also find a list of all tags used in documents.

We also provide a growing list of resources available in print - both books from our target period and also more recent books on aspects of the history of the green movement.

There is also a list of useful weblinks currently in development. Links to external sites are set to open in a new tab or window and are provided at your own risk and are not endorsed by us.

If you have additional resources which you would like to make available then please fill in the Resources Offered form or contact us directly. If you join us as a contributor you can submit weblinks directly online - otherwise email them to us with details of what they are and why you think them relevant.