Green Party

In the early 1985 the Ecology Party was renamed as The Green Party. Documents here cover the period 1985 until the 1989 high water mark.

Green Party leaflet 1985 "Politics for Life"

Hackney Ecology/Green Party New Dawn Poster 1985

Poster for a meeting branded as Hackney Green Party published well ahead of the Conference in Dover in September which formally adopted the new name. Note the Green Ring used as a first logo.

Green Party General Election Manifesto 1987

"Green Politics provides each of us with the challenge to reject the path: ' of false technology and to recapture not some 'romantic golden age' but a truly satisfying and sustainable future for both ourselves and our earth. It is a greenprint for an age of understanding."

Green Party Liverpool Manifesto 1988

Produced by Liverpool Green Party as an introduction and summary to Green policies


New Directions: The Path to a Green Britain Now

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