Oxford Ecology Movement

Formed in Oxford in 1978 explicitly to put up a general election candidate with a bottom-up distributed approach to organisation in contrast to the more top-down centralised approach of the national Ecology Party. Contested city and general elections in 1979 and then membership dispersed either into more on-the-ground activism or merged into the Ecology Party.

Oxford Ecology Movement 1978 Manifesto Draft 1 July
Oxford Ecology Movement 1978 Manifesto Draft 2 Oct

OEM Manifesto 2nd Draft published October 1978. See also the article on OEM. It starts with a definition of Ecology, then some basic principles from which are derived a wide range of policies.

OEM Article in Undercurrents no.32 March 1978

Article written by OEM as published in Undercurrents #32 Feb-March 1979 page 12. Includes cartoon at head.

Reprinted and distributed by OEM as a leaflet, two articles one side from Back Street Bugle #25 March 1979 and the other side from Undercurrents #32 Feb-March 1979. 

OEM window stickers for City Election 1978

Window stickers used for 1978 Oxford City Council election.

OEM Constitution April 1979

Photocopy of original typescript reduced to one A4 sheet. Original constitution dated 24 July 1978 adopted by the "Founding Committee" signed by Gordon Thompson, Chairman. Amendment added 11th April 1979 countersigned by Secretary and the Acting Chairman.

OEM letter to members May 1979 post election
OEM appeal letter to supporters April 1979
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