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This is inevitably a highly selective choice. The selection is partly our own preference and partly an assessment of the books we believe have been the most influential or are in some other way particularly pertinent.

We have included some classic or seminal green texts from before 1970 in addition to books published during our core timeframe 1970-1990. A few later books are included where they are written by participants themselves looking back. We see the list as a good beginning for anyone wishing to acquaint themselves with green political thinking from the original sources.

This list is alphabetical by title ("The" as the first word of the title puts it in the T's). Click on the title to get the full description for the book and reviews. Click on the authors name to get a list of books by that author. Click on the tags to get a list of books with that tag. For a full list of authors and tags use the menu at the top of the page.

We welcome reviews and comments on the books, simply fill in the comment form on the individual book page. If you would like to submit a long review (more than about 200 words) then send it in by email.


Cover of Seeing Green

Seeing Green

Year: 1984
Tags: 1980-89  
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Cover of Silent Spring

Silent Spring

Year: 1962
In the late 1950s Rachel Carson studied the effects of synthetic pesticides. The result of her work,
Tags: 1950-69  
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Cover of Since Silent Spring

Since Silent Spring

Year: 1970
Tags: 1970-79  
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Cover of Small Is Beautiful

Small Is Beautiful

a study of economics as if people mattered

Year: 1973
Published at the time of the 1973 energy crisis and the rise of the 'appropriate technology' movemen
Tags: 1970-79  
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