"The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting" ― Milan Kundera

Site News 14th Dec 2017

Three parallel workstreams have led to some significant changes in the last couple of weeks:

New articles and resources published:

Facilities for Contributors:

There is now a form to Join Green History as a Contributor - this is not just if you want to write material for the site. Contributors can see draft articles and comment & help improve them before they are published. They can also see proposed articles which haven't been assigned an author yet, or which are being drafted offline prior to upload as a draft for review. Any contributor can propose a new article - either to write themselves, or for someone else to author.

Contributors can also add comments on live articles and we encourage you to do so.

In addition there is now a more or less regular (about every three weeks) email for contributors - and others. You can sign up to just receive the update email without joining in as a contributor. It will tell you about new stuff planned and in train as well as newly published items - obviously you can only see the drafts and proposals if you join. 

Improvements to Navigation:

It is a constant battle as new material gets added to keep things well indexed and findable. The basic system of categories and tags works well and there are several improvements to the presentation. At the foot of every article you will now find the author detail with a contact link, a note of the sources used, a list of the category and the tags for the article which link to lists of all other articles in the category, or all articles with the tag you click on. You will also see any comments that have been added by contributors after publication.