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PF : Peter Frings. These were supplied to us as scanned PDFs. In some cases the resolution may have been reduced to minimise file sizes - the original high resolution version is available on request.

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Title Year Category Tags Icon
Ecology Party Newsletter Oct-Nov 1976 1976 EP Newsletters Newsletter PF 1976
Ecology Party Newsletter October 1978 1978 EP Newsletters Newsletter PF 1978
EP Edinburgh Leaflet 1979 1979 EP Leaflets Leaflet PF 1979
EP Tomorrow's Britain leaflet 1978 1978 EP Leaflets Leaflet PF 1978
Euro 1979 Plymouth & Cornwall E.Goldsmith 1979 EP Election Leaflets Leaflet Election PF 1979
Financial Statement to Conference Sept 1978 1987 Ecology Party Internal PF 1987
Green Party General Election Manifesto 1987 1987 Green Party Manifesto PF 1987
New Zealand Values Party Turning Point Magazine #5 May 1975 1975 International International Newsletter Magazine PF 1975
pf0039-GP-GeneralElectionManifesto-1992 1992 Green Party Manifesto PF
Report of Conference to Members 1978 1978 Ecology Party Internal PF 1978
Secretary's report to Conference 1978 1978 Ecology Party Internal PF 1978