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These are the contents for 1986 (Nos 39-48).

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Green Line 38 Dec '85 – Jan '86. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic of child in womb under the earth.
Headlines: Wither CND?, Goodwill to Turkeys, Solar Power, BP and Uranium, Break the System; Feed the People

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3 & 14 “Food for all (or money for the few)” by Jon Carpenter on issues in Africa
  • p4-5 “National State of Peace” humorous satirical piece by Tony Mellows
  • p6-7 “Servants of the Global Rich” by Justin Walker on UN development programes
  • p8 Ad for GMP Publishers
  • p9 “Goodwill to all – stuff the turkey” by Graham Hooper
  • p10-11 “Handel’s solar collector” by Ian Flindall on installing solar water heating
  • p11 “Rays of Solar Hope” on solar housing technologies
  • p12-13 “Friends or Enemies?” by Graham Bell on the Communist Party
  • p15-16 Reviews: Women of Wisdom by Tsultrim Allione, Understanding Nuclear Weapons by Kosta Tsipis, Housing is Theft by Colin Ward
  • p17 Letters: Community programme, Sanders Lewis
  • p18-20 Network News: Bhopal, French Greens AGM, BP and Uranium, Stonehenge, CND changes by Brig Oubridge, and more

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Green Line 39 Feb '86. Price 40p. 
Cover: Graphic of cat’s face green on white
Headlines: No peace for the rich, Dream Drama, ‘Public Order’ threat, Unmaking plutonium, Why Bahro left die Grunen

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-6 “The Party and Beyond” extracts from Rudolph Bahro’s book ‘Building the Green Movement’ covering why he left Die Grunen.
  • p7 “Back to Mount Doom – uncreating plutonium” by Nick Kollerstrom
  • p8-9 “Dream Drama – the energy of our wildest dreams” by Daphne Francis
  • p10-11 “Le Cun” by Dick Brown on an ‘alternative’ development in the south of France
  • p12-13 “No peace for the rich” by Ted Trainer on the connections between militarism, imperialism and affluence
  • p14 Reviews: Democratic Defence by Peter Tatchell, The Death of Trees by Nigel Dudley
  • p15 Letters: Green Gathering, Sexist language, Party or Alliance
  • p16-17 Network News: Gat Green Group formed, Maori protests, GP critique of Govt. energy efficiency, Green Professional register, Low level radiation report
  • p18 FoE conference report by Chris Church
  • p19 Brig’s Write – Public order bill, Stonehenge ’86, Bye bye Tarzan by Brig Oubridge
  • p20 Advert

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Green Line 40 Mar '86. Price 45p. 
Cover: Print of group of people praying around an angel. Orange on white. Blue title text
Headlines: Inner City Greens, Getting Red and Green Together, Bioregions

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-5 “Greening the Inner City” by Tony Cartright
  • p6-8 “Getting Green and Red Together” by Ted Trainer
  • p9 “The ecological demise of one refrigerator” by Richard Watkins on turning a fridge into a caravan heater.
  • p10-11 “Bioregionalism” by Mark Kinzley
  • p12 Review: “I… Rigoberta Menchu – an Indian woman in Guatemala” ed by Elizabeth Burgos-Dabray
  • p13-14 Letters: Green Collective, Triadcraft response to Food for All GL38, FoE response to Fremlin on plutonium GL40
  • p15-16 “Fruits of Molesworth” by ‘Stephen’ and ‘Anne” on celebrating the eviction anniversary
  • p16 “Green International – new international news column
  • p17-18 Network News: Green Collective & Network plans, various conferences and events
  • p19 Brig’s Write: Green Party going federal?
  • p20 Ads for Green Collective News, Green network meeting, Unique Publications

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Green Line 41 April '86. Price 45p. 
Cover: Print of spider on web. Greenish on white with blue title text
Headlines: Nuclear Villains, Feminism & the Greens, French Elections, Alternative University

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-6 “Nuclear Villains – the nuclear industry, safety and independent science” by Peter Taylor (PERG)
  • p7 “Peace Policy for the general election” by Peter Cadogan
  • p8-10 “Feminism and Ecology” by Jan Palliser
  • p11 “Carole Duffy” – the support campaign for a nurse unfairly sacked by the NHS for publically speaking in support of the miners strike.
  • p12-13 Reviews: Vegetarianism by Daniel Dombrowski, Why Vegan by Kath Clements, Eva Batt’s Vegan Cookery, Sustaining & Sustainable by Kathleen Jannaway, Health Wealth and the New Economics by James Robertson.
  • p13-14 Letters: Response to FoE letter on plutonium, Socialism, GP decentralism
  • p15 “An alternative university” by Roger Hallam
  • p15 “Green Teacher” new magazine Damian Randle CAT
  • p16-17 Green International: Italy, French election disaster, and more
  • p18-19 Network News: various small items
  • p20 Brig’s Write – call to support those still at Molesworth and CND national finance problems

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Green Line 42 May '86. Price 45p. 
Cover: Graphic “Who Are The Terrorists Now?” in red and black on white
Headlines: Libya’s American problem, Social defence, Anarchy for beginners, Pagan ecology.

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 
  • p
  • p
  • p

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Green Line 43 June '86. Price 45p. 
Cover: Graphic image of house river trees garden park in green and yellow on white
Headlines: Bahro on Animals, Satish Talking, Nationalism, Men’s Lib, Economics on its TOES

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 
  • p
  • p
  • p

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Green Line 44 July '86. Price 45p. 
Cover: Graphic image of skyscrapers with green people of rooftops
Headlines: Men, Animals, Green Party

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 
  • p
  • p
  • p

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Green Line 45 Aug-Sept '86. Price 45p. 
Cover: Drawing of factory belching smog and children in gas mask
Headlines: Wholefood Politics, CND – Labour’s Hacks?, Spirit of Stonehenge, Ideology Decentralised, Green Budd

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 
  • p
  • p
  • p

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Green Line 46 Oct '86. Price 45p. 
Cover: Graphic image of man changing baby’s nappy with caption “A Mans Place”
Headlines: Illich on the Body, Closer to Chernobyl, Prison Options, A Man’s Place

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 
  • p
  • p
  • p

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Green Line 47 Nov '86. Price 50p. 
Cover: Graphic drawing of red face in explosion over scene of nuclear industrial devastation
Headlines: Men and Terror, Energy Saving Homes, Chomsky on US Aggression

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 
  • p
  • p
  • p

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Green Line 48 Dec '86 - Jan '87. Price 50p. 
Cover: Print graphic image of nativity in brown on white with green text
Headlines: Women and the Earth, Petra Kelly’s Anti-Politics, Is Labour Green?

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 
  • p
  • p
  • p