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Green Line 28 Dec '84 – Jan '85Price increased to 40p. 
Cover: Graphic starving mother and child with caption Dying For You To Have A Happy Christmas
Headlines: Famine: death by design, Molesworth in pictures, Nitrate pollution, Festive recipes

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 “Famine: Death by Design” by Jon Carpenter
  • p5 “Shades of Green” by Chris Savoryreporting on French greens
  • p6-7 “New Age or old $tory?” by Martin Stott on an economic conference
  • p6 “Eco and the Miners” by Patrick Whitefield
  • p7 “All Against Nukes” by Jan McHarry on international anti-nuke conference
  • p8 &13 Photo spread of Molesworth Harvets for Hungry in October
  • p9-12 “Nitrate Pollution: Prevention or Cure?” pull-out report by Bob Allen
  • p14 “Mutlangen-Bonn” peace march report by Caroline
  • p15 Letters
  • p16-18 Network news including Molesworth Rainbow Village report by Brig Oubridge
  • p19 Festive recipes
  • p20 “I Believe” credo by Richard St Barbe Baker


Green Line #29 February 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic of woman giving birth with helpers. Caption “Birth Reclaimed”
Headlines: Opposing Reagan’s politics of war, Stop the ‘Scargill Levy’, Childbirth reclaimed.

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-6 “Stopping the Beast” by Bryn Clark, Dan Coughlin and David Riker in Massachusetts
  • p7 “Greens at Sheffield” CND national conference report by John Marjoram
  • p8-9 “Stop the Scargill Levy” by Graham Dawson & Clare Jones, Brighton Miners Support Group.
  • p10-13 “Birth Reclaimed” by Mary Field
  • p14 “Shoring Up for Non-Proliferation” by David Lowry
  • p15 Reviews: Peace, a Green Broadsheet by The Ecology Party
  • p16-17 Letters: responses to Jon Carpenter on Third World in GL28, and more
  • p18-19 Network News
  • p20 “What Green Means To Me” by Patrick Whitefield

Green Line #30 March 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic of sunflower sunrise and dove over the sea
Headlines: Molesworth lives!, Action Directe [sic.] – violent or non-violent, India after Indira, The New Economics.

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 “Molesworth”  Patrick Whitefield interviews Bruce Garrard
  • p4 “Rich World Poor World” by Jon Carpenter
  • p5-6 “Action Directe: Violent or Nonviolent” by Peter Cadogan
  • p6 “Alternative Lifestyles: The Conspiracy Theory” by Brig Oubridge
  • p7 “I Love Argyle Street” by Andrew
  • p8-9 “How we may do it” by John Papworth, follow-on to “Break up mass society” in GL26
  • p10-11 “In the Balance: The London Nuclear Warfare Tribunal” by Nick Kellerstrom
  • p12 “T.O.E.S. and the new economics” by David Kemball Cook
  • p13 ad for BG&P ethical savings and investment
  • p14 “India after Indira” by Steve Dawe
  • p15-16 Reviews: Seeing Green by Jonathon Porritt (critical review by Mike Hancock, generated some debate), The Survival of Civilisation by Hamaker and Weaver
  • p17 Letters: responses to critiques of Joe Weston GL29 and others
  • p18-19 Network News including Dover Green International Congress
  • p20 “The Earth Spirit in historical perspective” by Jo Clarke 

Green Line #31 April 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic of mother and child with barbed wire. Caption Our Land. Our Lives. Molesworth Easter 1985.
Headlines: Map of Molesworth, Animal Rights, Reclaim the Myth of Law, Field Beans, CND loses grassroots support.

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 “Why Animal Rights” by Don Jenkins
  • p5 “A Green approach to Greenhouses” design idea by Harry Alderslade
  • p6 “Growing Green” what I mean by Green” by Genevieve Bridgeman
  • p7 “CND pulls out of Molesworth”
  • p8 & 13 Map of Molesworth (2 page spread as pages 8 &9 in the scan)
  • p9-12 four page pull-out “Law as Civilian Defence – Reclaim the Myth of Law” info sheet produced by Keith Motherson
  • p14 “Land Tax” by Richard Hunt
  • p15-16 Review: Maori Sovereignty by Donna Awatere
  • p17-18 Letters including more on TOES and Green peasantry
  • p19 Network News
  • p20 “Field Beans” article and recipes by Peggy Ellis

Green Line #32 May 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic flag with hammer and sickle entwined with leaves
Headlines: New Age or New Right?, Capra’s Challenge, Socialist Ecology, Men and Sexuality, Women’s Space

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3 “Capra’s Challenge” speech to Dover European Green Congress b Fritjop Capra
  • p4-6 “New Age or New Right: Findhorn a feminist view” by Daphne Francis
  • p6-7 “Why women’s space?” by Stephanie Leland and Sigrid Shayler
  • p8-9 “Sexual Politics for men” by Martin Stott
  • p10-11 “Reds and greens: friends or enemies?” by Adrian Atkinson (billed as an open letter to the Ecology Party)
  • p12-13 “Class and the ecological imperative” by Joe Weston
  • p14-15 “Nuclear free New Zealand?” by Philip Ramissen
  • p16-17 Letters: various
  • p18-20 Network News including Anti Cruise conference report, Dover Euro Green report, Wales Eco Party UDI, and more.

Green Line 33 June 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic children in field with kite. Caption The Woodcraft Folk 60 years.
Headlines: Feminism and the Spirit, Green Collective, Three Organic Farms, Boycott tea and coffee.

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-5 “New Age or Old Age? Findhorn part2” by Daphne Francis
  • p6-7 “Sixty Years of ‘the Folk’” by Martin Stott
  • p8-9 “Gathering History” by David Taylor
  • p10-11 “Three Organic Farms” by Patrick Whitefield
  • p12 “Boycott tea and coffee” text of draft leaflet on tea and coffee consumption
  • p13 “Development: myth or magic?” extracts from recent Earthscan Bulletins
  • p14-15 Reviews: How to Save the World by Albery and Kinzley,  Easy Vegan Cooking by Williams and Stott, Paths to Paradise by Andre Gorz,
  • p16-17 Letters: responses to Reds and Greens (GL32) and more
  • p18-20 Network News: Greens in Italy, SE London Green Fair, and more

Green Line #34 July 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Image of native Pacific woman standing in protest
Headlines: EP Thompson disarmed?, Ethnic schools in Wales, Dreaming Mother Earth, Pacific women, Stonehenge: what happened?

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-5 “Why Haven’t You Known?” by Titewhai Harawira
  • p6 “The Isle is full of Noises” by Geoffrey Syer on electron-magnetic pollution
  • p7 “Do you speak English?” by Tony Williams on ethnic oppression in Wales
  • p8-9 “Dreaming Mother earth” by Monica Sjoo
  • p10-11 spread of handwritten poems and drawings by Annie “Born inside a nightmare, working for a dream”
  • p12-13 “EP Thompson: another prophet disarmed?” by Peter Cadogan
  • p14 Review: The Nehrus and the Gandhis by Tariq Ali
  • p15-17 Letters: various and interesting
  • p18-19 Network news various
  • p20 Stonehenge battle report.

Green Line #35 Aug-Sept 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic of bare pollarded trees.
Headlines: Forests or Famine?, Class and the Greens, Land in trust, Alconbury trial, Third world starvation

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3 “Forests of famine?” by Malcolm Samuel
  • p4 “Action on Tea” by Chris Bulzacki
  • p5 “Third World starvation” by Kathleen Jannaway
  • p6-7 “What Green Means to Me” by Anne Davy
  • p7 “Class and the greens” by Bob Glaberson
  • p8-9 “Food for Action” report on the Liberal Ecology Food Conference by Robert Hutchison
  • p10-11 “Community Rent: Land in trust” by Bruce Mackenzie (in response to Richard Hnt in GL31
  • p12-13 Reviews: Will they thank us for this? by The Ecology Party, The Valley Path CND & the Cold War by Rip Bulkeley, Uprooting War by Brian Martin
  • p14-16 Letters: red-green, anarchism, Findhorn responses to GL33/34, and more
  • p17-20 Network News: Alconbury trial, Greens at Glastonbury, END, SDP green and more

Green Line #36 October 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic fist holding flowers. Caption ‘HOW?’
Headlines: 500 years of Nation State, Lunar festivals, Die Grunen: re-thinking the means, Green Party: what’s in a name?

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-6 “1485-1985: 500 years of the nation-state” by Peter Cadogan
  • p7-9 “Lunar Mysteries, the quarterday festivals” by Monica Sjoo
  • p9-10 “Greenhouse Bangor” by Patrick Greenfield
  • p11-14 “How? How? How?” by Saral Sarkar on fundis vs realos in German greens
  • p15-17 Letters: Findhorn, tea, redgreen and ecofascism
  • p17-20 Network News: EP -> GP, Japan, Sweden, FoE, Living Peace at Emerson, and more

Green Line #37 November 1985. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic of grave, cross and flowers. Caption “Remember…and DISARM!”
Headlines: Economics is bunk, Saunders Lewis, Greening of Labour, Dounreay, Mysteries of the Yew

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3- 4 “(Conventional) Economics Is BUNK” by Paul Ekins
  • p4 Liberal Ecology Group
  • p4 Green Anarchists
  • p5 “How Green is the Community Programme?” by Steve Dawe
  • p5-6 “Marxism 85” conference report by Earnest Weevel
  • p6-7 “Peace Policy: where’s the debate?” by Alex Hart
  • p7-8 “Dounreay: Scotland’s non-issue” by Michael Collie
  • p8 “Greening the Labour Party” by Victor Anderson
  • p9 “Sanders Lewis” tribute by DMM Davies to the Welsh pioneer
  • p10-11 “The secret and ancient world of the Yew” by Allen Meredith
  • p12-14: Reviews: Second Nature art exhibition, Tomorrow glossy magazine, The Roots of Modern Environmentalism by Pepper and Holm, Making Love Work by John Button
  • p15 Greenline publishing project
  • p15 “Lament for my dead son” poem by Monica Sjoo
  • p16 Letters: fundis//realos in uk, small parties
  • p16-20 Network News: Green Party relaunch with new name, Porritt reports on trip to US, White poppy, Young greens restarting, Tipi valley and more

Green Line #38 Dec.’85-Jan’86. Price 40p. 

Cover: Graphic of child in womb under the earth.
Headlines: Wither CND?, Goodwill to Turkeys, Solar Power, BP and Uranium, Break the System; Feed the People

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3 & 14 “Food for all (or money for the few)” by Jon Carpenter on issues in Africa
  • p4-5 “National State of Peace” humorous satirical piece by Tony Mellows
  • p6-7 “Servants of the Global Rich” by Justin Walker on UN development programes
  • p8 Ad for GMP Publishers
  • p9 “Goodwill to all – stuff the turkey” by Graham Hooper
  • p10-11 “Handel’s solar collector” by Ian Flindall on installing solar water heating
  • p11 “Rays of Solar Hope” on solar housing technologies
  • p12-13 “Friends or Enemies?” by Graham Bell on the Communist Party
  • p15-16 Reviews: Women of Wisdom by Tsultrim Allione, Understanding Nuclear Weapons by Kosta Tsipis, Housing is Theft by Colin Ward
  • p17 Letters: Community programme, Sanders Lewis
  • p18-20 Network News: Bhopal, French Greens AGM, BP and Uranium, Stonehenge, CND changes by Brig Oubridge, and more


Sources: Extracted from GreenLine magazines as printed.

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