Articles about some of the many publications - magazines, journals and newsletters - which flourished during the period. Introductory articles are under this heading and where there is more material a publication may have its own sub-category.

Planned for inclusion here in addition to the articles already published (see list below):

  • Resurgence. Since 1966, continues today. Described as "the artistic and spiritual voice of the green movement in the UK". Absorbed The Ecologist in 2012. Full archive available to subscribers at
  • The Ecologist. Since July 1970. Co-founded by Teddy Goldsmith. Published Blueprint for Survival in Jan 1972. Merged into Resurgence in 2012. Full archive available on the website
  • Towards Survival. June 1972-March 1975. Some issues and more info in the Library.
  • The Vole. 1977 to Sept 1981. Edited by Richard Boston. We have located a full set of back numbers which we hope eventually to have the resources to scan and make available in the Library area.
  • Christian Ecology Group News/Green Christian
  • Green Anarchist
  • GreenFly - rumoured to have existed in Oxford before Green Line started
  • A Pinch of Salt
  • ...

In addition you will find organisation newsletters under the relevant organisation entry in the Library - PEOPLE, Ecology Party, Green Party, Green Collective, Green CND

Please do make additional suggestions - especially if you have samples that we could scan and use.

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  • Green Line Magazine - with 10 articles

    Green Line was published from early 1982 through to the late 1990's. It was a 16 or 20 side A4 black and white print with the outer cover printed in 2 colours on coloured paper. It aimed to be the magazine of the green movement.