Featured Item December 2018


Our feature this month is not an Article on the website but a new initiative in conjunction with Green House

Over the weekend of 15th/17th February the Green House Think Tank and the Green-History Project are together putting on the first ever "Green School".

A two-day intensive but informal residential educational event, it will feature expert presentations and seminars on core aspects of green politics and philosophy and the opportunity for about 30 participants to debate them with each other and the presenters in a relaxing green environment.

Deputy Leader of the Green Party Amelia Womack will be co-chairing the event with Rupert read. Tutors from Green House and Green-History will be joined by other experts on specific aspects. There will also be an exhibition related to the workshop topics and more relaxed evening entertainment.  

Topics to be covered will include:

  • the origins and history of the Green Party in Europe and in the UK
  • ‘ecologism’, and how it differs from other political ideologies
  • Greens and science; climate change, hope and despair
  • the fundamentals of green political philosophy for today’s problems.

The location is the beautiful Earth Spirit Centre 5 miles outside Glastonbury. We hope to keep costs low to enable participation, with different levels of charges for different ‘packages’ of accommodation (from the luxurious to the basic). 

Full details are on the Green House website www.green-school.org.uk

Contact email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.