"History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man" ― Percy Bysshe Shelly


About this Project:

So what did you do in seventy two? Did you follow the Blueprint or stand with the PEOPLE?
Was Street Farming your bag, or Appropriate Tech?
Were you Vanguardist or Fundo when the movement divided?
Do you stand on a pillar or hug the trunk of the tree?
Did you vote for your choice, or were you out Saving the Whale,
Embracing the Base and cutting the wire?

Did you look through the hole in the sky or your shoe?
Know the use of the wrench and the spike in the tree?
Did you travel by bike or go with the convoy
To Reclaim the Streets and put fear in The Man?
In tunnel or tree or locked to the gate, what was your motive and what did you do?
Was it Coal not the dole, and did you Tell Sid as they sold off our silver and stole all our land?

And at the high water did you really believe another world possible having planted the seed?

Tell us your story; your history is true. Don't let them gloss over the things we can do.

RCO Aug 2017


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