Articles - Introduction

This area under the  Articles  item in the top menu contains items which do not focus on a specific individual's contribution to the green movement (see the   People  entry in the top menu).

You will find here a mix of pieces written specifically for this site and articles which have been published elsewhere on the world wide web. Items produced for this site have a named author whose contact details you can find on the Contacts page (under  Home )

Articles which have been copied from elsewhere include a credit and link to the original source online. By copying the original here we hope to maintain it even if the source website changes or disappears.

You will also find scans of articles originally published in paper form rather than as web pages in the document library under the   Resources  menu.

Articles are classified into one of four broad subcategories:

  • General - more or less authoritative accounts
  • Opinions - personal opinions or commentary
  • Campaigns - articles about specific campaigns
  • Editorial - items like this one about the Green-History.UK website itself.

When viewing an article the right hand column will contain a list of other articles in the category. At the bottom of each article is a button to go to the next or previous article (alphabetical order of titles) and also a list of tags assigned to the article. Clicking on a tag will take you to a list of other articles with the same tag (tags work across categories and sections). You can see in the right hand column a cloud of all the most frequently used tags - clicking on one of the tags in the cloud will take you to a list of all articles with that tag.