"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history." ― George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to the Green-History project

On this website you will find a collection of resources and articles concerning the history of the broad green movement in the UK. 


Having had to cancel the launch event in Bournemouth we have been hit with some extra costs. Quite aside from that we were intending to use the launch to kickstart a funding campaign.

If Green-History is to continue we need to find at least £500 for webspace and related costs to cover the next five years.

We are running out of space and have a backlog of really interesting stuff awaiting upload.

Please can you help


Even a fiver will keep GH alive for a fortnight...

Or if you want an easy-to-remember link try


Thank you


This site is an open resource for the use and support of today's activists, participants, researchers and all those with an interest in green ideas, thoughts and action.

In the Library area you will find an ever-expanding range of resources. The Document Archive contains scans of material from the time. There are also collections of images, graphics, video and audio as well as a selection of recommended books and weblinks.

We are always looking for new material - if you have anything from the period; a copy of your election leaflet from the time you were persuaded to stand for the council, a placard from a demo you attended, photos of some action, a poster you saved, or a cache of some obscure news letter/magazine you received, then do get in touch - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.uk or fill in the form.

Under Articles, People and Elections in the top menu you will find contemporary accounts, more recent recollections, commentary and opinion.

History is subjective and we welcome debate, comment and opinion - if your memory or experience differs from that presented here then have your say - this is YOUR history. If you join as a contributor then you will find you can add comments to any article or document.