September 1st 2017:

  • Following the successful exhibition and talk by Brig and David at this years Green Gathering the exhibition panels can be seen here.
  • Articles expanding on each of the panels are in preparation. The first one covering the 1980 and 1981 Gatherings is available in first draft here
  • David's complete collection of Green Collective mailings 1984-1987 has been scanned and are being made available here as they get indexed. A lot of useful background context can be found in the pages and will be brought out into articles over the coming months.
  • Peter Cox has contributed two papers on Peace and Mobility and also a large personal archive of documents from the late 70's and early 80's. These will become available here over the coming months.

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Green-History Helper

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This website has grown out of an initial project to capture some of the history of the Green Party in Southwest England. The initial authors were David Taylor and Roger Creagh-Osborne (RogerCO), but increasingly other voices are joining in. History is defined by those who write it - the Green Movement is a collective organism and we have no desire to impose our own twist on its history - we need your help.

If you were around in the period '72-'89 please do complete the form below to sign up as a helper. Only David and Roger will see your details and eventually we will get in touch to take your stories or have you join the contributing collective for this project.

Initially we are focusing on the period from 1972 when the founding organisations were created through until 1989 when the Greens in the UK achieved a 15% share of the national vote in the Euro Election but no MEPs.

As time passes many of the early prime movers of the Ecology Movement are no longer with us, and many of the same organisational issues keep coming up, and many of the same mistakes get made. Sometimes we do learn from our successes though, but often we repeat the formula without a proper understanding of why it might have succeeded in a particular time and place.

This site is intended as a resource both for researchers and current activists prepared to learn from the past.

We welcome contributions from others, and are particularly keen to hear from those who were involved in defining moments for the movement. Starting as the original Movement for Survival (the first ecology movement with political ambitions in the world) and PEOPLE (the second founding organisation) in merged in 1972 and became the Ecology Party in 1976, and then the Green Party in 1985, and through to the high water mark politically of the 1989 European Election.

You can contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (which will reach both David and Roger).

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