Document Tags

This is a list of tags used in the document library. A document belongs to a single category (which you can see listed in the tree on the right) but can have multiple tags attached.

Click on a tag name below to get an index page of all articles having that tag attached.

Article 17 single item from a publication (eg a magazine).
Circular 21 items distributed, often as a letter, to a group for information. Less formal than a newsletter.
CND 5 material relating to aspects of CND
Ecologist 23 items from or relating to The Ecologist magazine
Ecology Party 1 all material relating to EP
Election 26 all documents relating to public elections
Flyer 20 a flyer is a single sheet, usually single sided and distributed to advertise an event
Gathering 6 all material relating to Green Gatherings and related activities
Green Party 2 all material relating to GP and GPEW
Internal 12 items originally purely for internal distribution and use within an organisation
International 4 relating to organisations outside the UK
Leaflet 8 a single sheet of information about or advertising a particular topic, event or candidate. Usually double sided and may be folded for posting through letterboxes. If more than a single sheet it becomes a pamphlet.
Letter 10 may be either personal or a group circular letter
Manifesto 9 all formal manifestos issued by organisations or individuals
Molesworth 7 all material relating to the Molesworth Peace Camp, Rainbow Village, and related activity
MS 24 all material relating to Movement for Survival prior to its merge/takeover by PEOPLE
Newsletter 28  
Note 19 individual notes of meetings or events
OEM 25 Oxford Ecology Movement
Offprint 16 an article that has been duplicated or reprinted for separate distribution
Pamphlet 14 a multi-page document on a single topic for general distribution
PEOPLE 3 all material relating to PEOPLE prior to it becoming the Ecology Party in 1975
Poster 27 A4 or larger single sided usually colour for public display
Press Release 15 formal circular letter to news editors announcing some item of potential interst.
Private 13 document only available to bona-fide researchers on request.