Resources - Introduction

In the resources area we provide details of  Archives  of which we are aware, the  Sources  and references for articles published on this site and details of additional material which is available  On Here , a list of links to other material available  On Line  and a partial list of further reading available  In Print , including both books and articles influencing and contemporary with the development of the green movement and also books and articles published in print providing a historical view of the developments.

The material included On Here is by and large not available elsewhere. It consists of photographs, poster images, and scans of published flyers, leaflets, manifestos, as well as some internal documents and personal correspondence. Where material is still slightly sensitive or contentious it may be restricted to bona fide researchers only. If you would like to access this material please contact us with details of the work that you are doing which requires access and the use to which you will be putting the material. Our concern is merely to protect those still active in the movement from exposure of opinions which they may no longer hold but which could be used to attempt to embarrass them. 

If you are aware of additional material not listed in these areas please do let us know so that we can make this resource more useful.