Memories Of

Memories of a specific person written by someone who knew them at the time. As opposed to Memories By a person, these articles are written from the point of view of an observer - who may have been very involved with the subject.

Memories of Jeremy Faull - David Taylor

Jeremy Faull, Cornwall County Councillor 1977-1985

Jeremy Faull was the party’s first-ever county councillor elected in 1977, representing a ward near Withiel, Bodmin, Cornwall. He won the seat, rather unexpectedly, when the retiring Conservative councillor decided to support him. Jeremy was one of a group of early ecological pioneers and friends – including Teddy Goldsmith and Peter Bunyard - who had bought land in the area. Jeremy held his seat on Cornwall County Council for the Ecology Party through until 1985.

Memories of Teddy - Sandy Irvine

I count myself lucky that I was able to call Teddy a friend. I stayed at his house twice and went with him to a number of events. I think it important to be clear about Teddy for three reasons

  1. He is a major part of the real green tradition of which many GP members are ignorant or ill informed
  2. There is much to learn from Teddy’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. We should do right by the man simply for its own sake.