Memories By

Material primarily using memories from a named individual. May be written by the individual, or by a second person based on interview(s) with the individual. In either case remember that memory is selective and unreliable. These are distinct from Memories Of a particular person written by a second party.

Lesley Whittaker on Early Days

Note from Lesley Whittaker on ‘Origins of today’s Green Parties and the Movement for Survival’ by David Taylor

May 2017

The first that Tony (Whittaker, my husband, and partner in our legal practice) and I knew about the Movement for Survival was when I picked up a copy of The Ecologist in January 1972 from WH Smith’s in Coventry. We were, like many others at that time, concerned about the state of the world environment and the social and political issues arising both in the UK and globally.

Memories of Early Years - David Taylor

This contribution by David Taylor is some of his personal memories of the very early years 1974-1979

During the February 1974 General Election when I was sixteen I read in my father's Daily Telegraph about PEOPLE. They ran five candidates at that election. I was immediately interested as the article stated that this new movement based its policies on protecting the environment, so I wrote to them for information. Clive Lord, then the national secretary, responded, and I joined.