Green History Videos

Green History videos are hosted on the Green History Channel on YouTube and embedded and linked on this site.

If you have any video or film of Green activities or events in the period 1972-1989 please do get in touch.

You can either click on the images below to view them here or visit the channel on YouTube. Most are transfers from VHS tapes and so quality is less than ideal.

1983 Green Gathering at Lamberts Farm, Pilton. Much nudity and a fragment of music from Planet Waves.
43 minute film made by NTFS students.

Segments on first Green field at Glastonbury CND festival 1984 from Camden Video.
Somewhat tongue-in-cheek report!

Anglia TV Look Back East in 2005 section on Molesworth and the eviction 1894/85. Interviews with David Taylor in '84 and '05

Item on fragment of the Rainbow Convoy which arrived at Glastonbury Festival 1987.
Extract from Network 7 coverage

Item on Glastonbury CND Festival 1987 on the Green Field area.
Extract from Network 7 coverage.