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Cover of A Guide for the Perplexed

A Guide for the Perplexed

Year: 1977
A damning critique of scientific materialism - the summation of his life's work
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Cover of Animal Machines

Animal Machines

Year: 1964
Did for factory farming what Silent Spring did for pesticides
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Cover of Be Human or Die

Be Human or Die

Year: 1973
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Cover of Deschooling Society

Deschooling Society

Year: 1971
A critique of modern schooling - "Universal education through schooling is not feasible."
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Cover of Ecotopia


Year: 1975
A fictional description of an Ecological Utopia
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Cover of Fields, Factories and Workshops

Fields, Factories and Workshops

Year: 1898
Often presented as an anarchist text but actually a vision of self-sufficient ecological communities
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Cover of Future Shock

Future Shock

Year: 1970
"Future shock" is the personal perception of too much change in too short a period of time
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Cover of Gaia: a new look at life on earth

Gaia: a new look at life on earth

Year: 1979
The book that launched the idea of Gaia into the public mind
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Cover of News from Nowhere

News from Nowhere

Year: 1891
Fictional account of an eco-socialist utopia
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Cover of Our Synthetic Environment

Our Synthetic Environment

Year: 1962
1st edition published under pseudonym Lewis Herber. Warns of dangers of pesticide use (slightly befo
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Cover of Seeing Green

Seeing Green

Year: 1984
If for nothing else worthy of mention as the book which drove Caroline Lucas to join the Green Party
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Cover of Silent Spring

Silent Spring

Year: 1962
Often credited with kickstarting the modern ecology movement.
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Cover of Since Silent Spring

Since Silent Spring

Year: 1970
Eight years after publication of Silent Spring this contributes a rebuttal to the storm of complaint
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Cover of Small Is Beautiful

Small Is Beautiful

a study of economics as if people mattered

Year: 1973
The book that brought a damning critique of conventional economics to a wide audience
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Cover of The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency

The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency

Year: 1976
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Cover of The Eco-Activists

The Eco-Activists

Year: 1971
A useful survey of the late 60s wave of eco-activism
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Cover of The Fat of the Land

The Fat of the Land

Year: 1961
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Cover of The Greening of America

The Greening of America

Year: 1970
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Cover of The Limits to Growth

The Limits to Growth

Year: 1972
Findings of an investigation into world eco-system limits presented in the summer of 1971
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Cover of The Making of a Counter Culture

The Making of a Counter Culture

Year: 1969
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Cover of The Population Bomb

The Population Bomb

Year: 1968
Criticised as alarmist but drew attention to the effect of the pressure of human numbers on the worl
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Cover of The Symbiotic Planet

The Symbiotic Planet

A New Look at Evolution

Year: 1998
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Cover of Thinking Green

Thinking Green

An Anthology of Essential Ecological Writing

Edited by Michael Allaby
Year: 1989
A collection of short essays and extracts from a wide variety of writers on ecological themes
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Cover of Walden


Year: 1854
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Cover of Where the Wasteland Ends

Where the Wasteland Ends

Year: 1972
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