The First Green Gathering 1982

After the success of the Ecology Party Summer Gatherings of 1980 & 1981, the organising collective fully opened the 1982 gathering to the entire green movement and named it The Green Gathering. Once again Worthy Farm was secured as the venue and it was widely advertised under the slogan "The Greens are Gathering".

This was the "birth" gathering and the first time the word "green" was used in the UK to describe the growing political movement. The party was still called The Ecology Party, although in France "Les Verts" (who formed in 1982 through the merger of The Ecologist Party and The Ecologist Confederation) and in Germany "Die Grunen" (formed in 1980) were both already using green as a label (and incidentally consciously rejecting the "Party" tag in their name).

The back of the poster/flyer contains much detail on the plans.