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Especially for those who were not around in the period 1970-1989 it is worth realising that communications were very different then.

For a start there was no internet, or even general access to a computer. There were no mobile phones. Printing and copying documents was a specialist activity. There were only 3 (until 1983) or eventually 4 television channels. Independent local radio did not exist, and the BBC had a limited offering of local stations. Satellite TV was a dream. National and local newspapers were a primary source of news and comment.

If you wanted to create a movement and communicate with supporters you faced very different challenges:

Origins - The Ecologist and Blueprint for Survival

The founders of the Ecologist met “at meetings called by Nicholas Guppy, Robin Hanbury-Tenison and Francis Huxley which led to the formation of the Primitive Peoples’ Fund, now Survival International.” Hanbury-Tenison is still involved and is Survival International’s current president.

As Robert Allen, one of the magazine’s founders, says:

Teddy (Goldsmith), Peter (Bunyard) and I were among a minority of participants in the meetings (others were Jean Liedloff and Conrad Gorinsky) who felt that the survival of tribal minorities was closely tied to the environmental crisis and that both issues should be addressed together.

Teddy and I often discussed how we could raise awareness of the environment and of the complex of related issues...Eventually we settled on a monthly magazine, the Ecologist. Teddy and I were involved virtually full-time; the other originating dramatis personae (Peter Bunyard, Michael Allaby, Jean Liedloff), part-time.


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